Gone, But Not Forgotten – Remembering the Sega Dreamcast – 15 years

September 9, 2014 | Posted in Reviews, Technology, Video Games | By

The dreamcast turned 15 today. To be fair, it really turned 15 on November 27, 2013, based off of the Japanese release, but North American audiences first experienced the Sega’s final console September 9th, 1999. Read more →

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Usenet. What Is It? Do You Need It?

July 7, 2014 | Posted in Reviews, Technology | By

Usenet is one of those technologies that has survived through the ages, originating in the 70’s, due to it’s intended legitimate uses and partial obscurity. In true Fight Club style the saying among users is the first rule of Usenet is WE DON’T TALK ABOUT USENET! EP is certainly breaking that rule right now, but we are doing so intending to bring new users to the fantastic service; so please, Council of Usenet Elders, don’t cancel our accounts! Read more →

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We Are Affiliated! (Now With Images!)

July 6, 2014 | Posted in Blog Status, Technology | By

Recently, you may have noticed new ads on the side-bar. These were nested in the Miscellaneous > Affiliates page, and even then, they weren’t very nice to look at. Well, now we have them displayed on every page! That’s better, right? We get it; no one likes advertisements. And, while we would hope that our content and giveaways would compel you to donate via the handy-dandy PayPal ‘Donate’ button, realistically, we can’t expect you to just shower us with money, especially without getting something in return!

By following the links on the sidebar you can test out a Usenet account, or get a free audio book, all while helping fund Experience Points! Every trial membership or subscription nets the Experience Points platform a few bucks, and that’s alright with us! To clarify, the two Usenet links are different; one links to a free trial, and the other links to a supreme monthly/yearly discount. Our recommendation is try out the service, then use the other link to get the better deal! Enjoy!

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Dedicated Server Information

July 5, 2014 | Posted in Blog Status, Technology, Video Games | By

If supplying the gaming community with a plethora of dedicated servers is the big time, well, we just hit it! Read more →

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Experience Points (Radio Show) is now on iTunes!

January 25, 2014 | Posted in Radio Show, Technology | By

So, this is a really awesome announcement. MG and RedBear work very hard to continuously generate and better content on Experience Points. Most effort is usually aimed at ‘the Experience points Radio Show’ which is broadcast on 90.9 FM KSLU, and available for download on this very site. Most recently, the Experience Points Radio Show has been approved and listed in the iTunes Podcast Directory. Please, sync, subscribe, download, listen, and do anything else that may be appropriate! If you do sync via iTunes, consider leaving a review!

Check it out, HERE!

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Vixia HF R400 Camcorder Review

January 20, 2014 | Posted in Reviews, Technology | By

Alrighty, tech update everyone! Experience Points cannot change without breaking a few eggs… Or, BUYING SOME COOL TECHY STUFF! I bought a new camcorder so I can stop using my DSLR! Check out the review below!

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Old Consoles Don’t Die Easily!

September 29, 2013 | Posted in Technology | By

I’ve had my PS3 since release. I was a first adopter of the original 60 GB version, back when manufacturers believed in something called ‘backwards compatibility’. Tangent; I’m less sore about it now, but when Sony and Microsoft changed policy to remove backward compatibility (BC) from their console lines, I was pretty pissed! At purchase, my library of PS2 games was bigger and more near/dear to me than the paltry PS3 offerings. It was important that I could still play those older games that made up the core of my library. Read more →

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MG’s Review : Nexus 7

September 22, 2013 | Posted in Reviews, Technology | By

My history with tablets has been rather short. Unfortunately, I jumped on the ill-fated netbook train and wasted my time there when the first practical and affordable commercial tablets began to appear on the market. Contrary to popular belief, the iPad was not the first tablet… The first iPad was released in 2010, a full seventeen years after Apple’s initial PDA project “Newton” was attempted, and twenty-two years after the actual first commercial tablet, the GRiDPad, was released. For graduate school and programming interest, I attained an iPad 2 in the fall of 2011. While I never really programmed for the device, it was quite useful during school. I used a Logitech keyboard case that allowed me to forgo notebooks/pens/pencils in favor of Evernote! Read more →

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MG’s Review : Roku 3

September 14, 2013 | Posted in Reviews, Technology | By

When I was younger and still living with my parents, and even after I moved out and joined the Military, I typically used a computer to play all of my media. In the early days it was DVD media, then SD MPEG/AVIs, then BluRay, and now HD MKVs/etc. Until I moved into an apartment with friends during college I had never required a way to present media to a common area. Through some clever redirects of PlayOn and DLNA magic I was able to use my PS3 to act as a media center, but while this was satisfactory it was in no way ideal. The consideration to build a standalone Media PC was always there, but money was tight, so we made do!

Fast-forward a few years; I’ve purchased a house and now more than ever need to solve the same problem! I’ve owned several media set-top boxes. In order, the Apple TV 2 (Jailbroken), an Apple TV 3 (couldn’t Jailbreak), a Netgear NeoTV 550 (got it on a sale), a Raspberry Pi (running RasPlex), and an OUYA (video streaming is not its strong suit). Most recently, I’ve purchased a Roku 3. Here is the review!
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